Companies Buying Ideas for Inventions in the Arts & Crafts Industry

It’s surprisingly hard to find companies looking for arts and crafts product or invention ideas online. Not because they aren’t out there, but because search engines tend to think you are looking to sell homemade handicrafts. What about new invention ideas for things like packaged crafting kits or art supplies? The following is a list of companies in the arts & crafts industry that are interested in buying your invention ideas.

Plaid has been a big name in craft supplies for over 40 years, and for the last 30 years they have worked with independent inventors, designers, and artists to bring their ideas to life.

Schewe Publications prints art-related books and sells art products, and welcome ideas from innovative, creative artists and inventors.

Springs Creative is a company that not only produces fabric, craft supplies, and accessories; they also specialize in “textile-related creative and technical services.” They offer digital printing, design, marketing and distribution for entrepreneurs in the arts & crafts industry.

The TIA is not a manufacturer or distributor; rather, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping inventors and designers succeed in the toy and youth entertainment industry.

TekBrands states that they provide “premier solutions across a multitude of industries.” Their main brands are Accuquilt and Accucut, which are used by quilters, paper crafters, stationery designers, and more.

Ceaco is a company which produces jigsaw puzzles. They accept submissions for creative artwork to use for their puzzles.

DecoArt is a leading provider of paints, finishes, and mixed media. The company has several programs in place to help support designers, inventors, artists and others in the arts & crafts industry.

Fiskars is probably best known as a manufacturer of scissors, but the company also has a wide range of arts & craft tools–hole punchers, paper trimmers, stamps,  and rotary cutters to name a few. They have a simple form for submitting new invention ideas or ideas which improve upon their existing products.

Hobbico has over 400 brands of hobby products (model rockets, trains, and airplanes for example). You can submit ideas for improvements or new product inventions to their development team online.

QVC is a major name in home shopping, and sells all types of products online and on TV. Their online submission process makes it easy for inventors to submit ideas quickly.

This list is not exhaustive; it is based on the companies I could find that are currently advertising that they accept inventor submissions. If I have missed a company, make sure to sign up on Invention Ideas and share with the community other arts & crafts industry contacts that are looking for product ideas. Also make sure to get a quote from Cad Crowd on design patent services, and protect your invention before contacting the companies listed above.

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    I have a lot of ideas for setting up a business and making software programs. site . social network . Do you play games and do not you buy ideas from the community. Thanks
    I have a great deal of genius and talent, and I always have good solutions through my mind and my vision. I hope I can help the community


    I have in invention for toddlers

  3. Alexander Reinhardt

    Hey Victoria, I know you commented this about a year ago, but are you still looking for help with your invention for toddlers or any other invention you’ve come up with since? If you are then I would be glad to help you in anyway that I can, I am an inventor and product developer myself and I know it can be hard to get your products started and out on the market. Don’t worry though I’m not looking for monetary compensation or anything like that. If you’re still interested though then let me know by replying back and I’ll give you my email.

  4. Michael

    I’m a unknown Art’s and Craft’s inventor, seeking information concerning new children’s night lights.
    I have working Prototypes of many different types of children’s night lights.
    Can someone please let me know who I can contact concerning new product ideas?
    Thank you.

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