Sell Your Product to a Bath & Home Company That Values Innovation

Home and bath products cover a wide range of inventions and ideas. Companies looking for home and bath inventions range from hardware and furniture sellers to cleaning and personal care companies. The list below includes a little of each, and company descriptions are provided to help you decide what company best matches your product or invention ideas.

First Alert and the US Based affiliate company, BRK Brands, provide home security and safety products such as smoke detectors, home invasion alarms, safes, and security cameras. If you have a home safety related invention, use the link provided for information about their submission process.

Brewster Home Fashions creates a stunning array of wallpaper, murals, and removeable wall decals. They operate in several countries around the world and are a leading innovator in home decor and design.

Levolor is a brand owned by Newell Rubbermaid, and specializes in window shades and blinds. Newell Rubbermaid owns a wide range of brands featuring all types of products, and they are constantly looking to buy great ideas from innovative thinkers and inventors.

Better Houseware Corp is dedicated to “innovating storage and organization solutions for the home and office.” Whether you have an organization invention for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or even home office, Better Houseware Corp if a good place to start.

Casabella has a line of cleaning supplies and home organization tools that are both functional and beautiful. They sell their collections to retailers in the US and internationally, as well as online.

Design Ideas is a company that prides itself on unique and fun designs for home and office accessories. This includes a wide range of things, but their website currently states that they are looking specifically for new inventions and products in certain categories. Right now, those categories are: desk accessories, waste cans, candleholders, and vases.

Eagle Home Products supplies retailers and wholesalers with home cleaning products. They are always looking to expand their diverse line with innovative new inventions and ideas for home cleaning.

CHF Industries is a major name in home textile design, creating things like towels, linens, and comforters. They work with and sell designs to big-name labels like DKNY, Ivanka Trump, and Parker Loft.

Franco Manufacturing Company focuses on bedding and linens, primarily for children and teens. While they are not explicitly seeking new product inventions, their website does say they are looking for designers.

HomTex manufactures and distributes home textiles, along with hospitality, apparel, automotive, and industrial products,

Leggett & Platt owns several companies providing home products, such as carpeting, textiles, and area rugs. They also sell furniture components.

Standard Fiber is a manufacturer of textiles. While they are not a company looking to buy product ideas, they do work with inventors and designers to manufacture and distribute products like home textiles and bedding. They manufacture products for brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Martha Stewart.

Miller Manufacturing produces and sells agricultural products, but their line also includes things like pet care products, lawn and garden, and pest control. If your home invention deals with these areas, they may be a good place to start your search.

Lifetime Brands has developed products for brands such as Farberware, KitchenAide, and other home/kitchen brands.

Evriholder is a household goods company which produces items for bath, kitchen, storage and more. They also have licenses with several brands like Crayola, Sesame Street, and Hershey.

Philips is the maker of Sonicare toothbrushes, among many other things. You can submit information and ideas for new inventions in the bath/personal care markets to them online.

Plasmaglow produces LED lighting products, and offers OEM manufacturing services for entrepreneurs with lighting inventions or products.

Clorox makes high-quality cleaning products, and has a program called Clorox Connects to work with innovative thinkers and inventors with products they could add to their line of cleaning products.

There are probably other companies out there who are willing to entertain the idea of buying new home and bath invention ideas, but these are the ones I found that were specifically advertising the fact, or that had clear processes for inventors to submit ideas. Sign up with Invention Ideas and connect with other inventors and industry experts, and post a question if you’d like to find more. Many of these companies offer CAD services and prototyping services, but not all of them will. Visit CadCrowd for quotes on engineering, CAD, patent assistance, and more.

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