Inventions Needed for Babies and Kids

New parents are always on the look out for the newest and best baby products and inventions. As a result, many companies are also looking out for kids’ and babies’ invention ideas. Depending on the type of product or invention you have, you may be able to sell your idea to one of the companies listed below. You could also check out this list of arts & crafts companies, which are also often looking for products geared towards children.

Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc sells mostly bedding collections, under several brand names including The Gro Company and NoJo.

Permission Interactive Inc acts as a webmaster and marketer for inventors manufacturing and selling products on their own.

Pkolino is a wide-reaching manufacturer and supplier of kids products. They sell everything from nursery furniture to toys and art.

Fred & Friends is a playful, creative company that enjoys working with designers who can take an ordinary and practical everyday and make it fun, unique, and fresh.

QVC is perhaps the most widely known company that is constantly buying new invention ideas. The “as-seen-on-TV” experts, QVC has a streamlined process for reviewing any invention ideas submitted online.

Selling invention ideas to baby and children’s product companies is a great way to get your product to market fast. But before you begin submitting inquiries to any companies, make sure you have a patent pending to protect your idea. enables you to get a quick quote for patent attorney services, so you can work with an expert in patents. You should also make sure to sign up with Invention Ideas so you can have a community of inventors to help answer questions as they come up. It can be a long road, but we’ll get you there!

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  1. Jeff Silvis


    My name is Jeff–owner of Jeff Silvis Designs.

    I am a product designer and have a new oral care innovation that is for adults and children alike. One of the unique designs makes teaching oral care to kids fun and exciting and instills in them great oral care habits for a lifetime.

    If you are interested in seeing my product please let me know to whom and what email I can forward graphic drawings to. I do have a provisional patent on this product and am seeking companies that may be interested in a licensing deal.

    Thanks for your time!

    Jeff Silvis


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