Got an Idea for Clothing Products? These Companies Want to Buy It

Many clothing companies are owned by their designers, while many others keep product designers on staff. But if you want to know how to develop a product and sell it to a company, you need to know which companies are actively looking to buy clothing product and design ideas, like the ones below.

RIVALWEAR lets its customers show off their team pride, by providing sports apparel and merchandise. They are always looking to expand their product line, so if you have an idea for sports-team-related clothing or accessories, contact them by email at 

FILA has teams around the world who work hard to innovate new ideas in activewear. Their easy online submission process helps streamline your work in pitching new inventions and products.

Under Armour is a huge, worldwide corporation which produces and sells sports and fitness gear for men, women, and children. They know that great invention ideas come from all kinds of places, so they created Idea House to help inventors launch their product ideas.

Oak Patch Gifts focuses their products on women’s fashion accessories, but within that niche, there is a wide range of products they are looking for. From jewellry to purses and bags, you can pitch them your innovative ideas on their websites.

US Sheepskin Inc is looking for products in a variety of industries, including leather goods and apparel.

If you need help with patents, 3D design, or other product development services, Cad Crowd can put you in touch with freelancers who can help. Get a quote on 3D design for jewellry today! Leave a comment below if you know of other clothing companies in search of great product ideas. And don’t forget to sign up for access to a wide community of fellow inventors who can help with other questions you have.

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  1. Andre Thirkill

    I am writing your company with an idea that I have been developing over the past year. After much planning and research, the time has finally come to bring it to market. I decided on this idea after a young concealed carry soldier was killed in December 2018 inside Birmingham Alabama mall by police.

    The vest draft drawing and provisional patent application was completed by December 03, 2019. My gold is licensing my provisional patent and royalties or outright sell it. I decided to contact your company instead of Shark Tank. I believe you have the marketing team and staff to reach out to companies who maybe interested in this invention.

    I was in Vietnam on October 28, through November 29, 2019 on vacation. While there, I had 20 prototypes made for less than $7, I’m sure the cost could be drastic cut with thousands made and retailed at $15.95 each.

    America has 22 millions plus concealed carries owners and 230,000 new concealed carries yearly my invention market concealed carries, off duty law enforcement, teachers, and I believe this business would be a great revenue stream the 30 years.

    My invention will help save concealed carries and off duty law enforcement lives, not only in America but also around the world.


    Sometimes concealed carriers and off duty law enforcement may get into
    an unexpected emergency situation such as shootings in malls, schools, concerts, etc. that may lead to a bad situation. In that kind of situation, there might be a contest between the two parties (concealed carriers or off duty law enforcement, and a bad person with a gun). Therefore, an arriving uniform law enforcement may mistakenly shoot an innocent bystander including a concealed carrier or an off duty law enforcement.

    Existing techniques for identifying a concealed carrier and an off duty law enforcement during gun incidents are deficient with regard to several aspects. For instance, current techniques do not allow an arriving uniform law enforcement to identify a bad person.

    I am requesting a 15 minutes meeting to pitch my idea with your company any time after January 15, 2020. I’m willing to fly to your location to pitch to your team if we can sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    I retired 3 years ago from DoD, I’m available to meet with the concerned person or people who can make a decision about my invention.

    I’m 100% sure that the president, NRA, congresses, senators, and other law enforcement agencies will back this invention, as it will SAVE LIVES. The cost is unbelievable affordable

    I am excited about this new invention, and I believe that together we can SAVE LIVES to make America and the rest of the world a better place for concealed carries and off duty law enforcement.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:8636510147

  2. Jeff

    How would I be able to pitch an idea to FILA if a sporting activewear?

    Thank you .

  3. Darren

    I have an idea for a new clothing line, sneakers on a new level, I need an investor to put it into production or to simply sell my idea, I believe it could be the new trending footwear in the world, please get back to me.

  4. Jenny Adkins

    I have a patented line of head garments headbands sporting gear for women and anyone with long hair. Perfect for athletes, people on the go, schools, clubs, you name it.

    These brands would be an excellent licensing partner, Fila, Under Armor, Adidas, Nike, and you name it.

    I want to show and talk this up before the patent expires!

  5. Tina Smallwood

    I have a very unique idea for a clothing line that would reshape the name brand fashion industry. Looking for a company that would want to contract with me on selling my original design idea or buy it outright. Would love to hear from someone ready to make a deal.

    1. Altrece Arnold

      Tina, did you have any luck?

  6. David Baldwin

    I have a new product that will change the work force. It’s pants that are fashionable and functional! I’m looking to license my product which has a utility patent pending.

  7. Christine Walker

    I have clothing from the 70s I need to talk to someone about this that can lead me in the right direction please.



    1. A A

      Did you have any luck Michael? Just curious? I am in a similar position you were in last year.

  9. Larry Turner

    I have a children’s and adults clothing line and looking for join with a team to possibly grow the brand. BlakaMale and BlakaFemale Action Apparel. You can go online to Learn Earn Return Larry Turner and view all trademarked information and @Turner2Larry to check me out and see if I am someone you would want on your team.


  10. holly Mailhes

    Looking to pitch a concept for intimate wear. It’s has medical and fashion purposes. I’d be happy to provide a NDA. I’ve drawn all the figures and written about it in precise and thorough detail. This one concept has the cababilities of turning into a LINE of products. I have checked the parent sldatabase and it is not a concept which has been used.

    I promise you won’t regret giving you and I-an opportunity! Thanks!

  11. John Stovall

    Hello im John and i have a new concept of the boxer briefs with a condom pocket. Targeting our young adults to give the message of awareness,responsibility,and healthier decision making ! I believe with a great company marketing them they will be  big ! They can be your brand and you can design them the way you see fit. I just want a licensing deal if possible. Or can be discussed. And there’s a unique tag that’s detachable that comes with them. Created to carry extra protection. These briefs will be very fun,beneficial,and informational ! Don’t Dare go Unprepared !                          

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