Got an Idea for Clothing Products? These Companies Want to Buy It

Many clothing companies are owned by their designers, while many others keep product designers on staff. But if you want to know how to develop a product and sell it to a company, you need to know which companies are actively looking to buy clothing product and design ideas, like the ones below.

RIVALWEAR lets its customers show off their team pride, by providing sports apparel and merchandise. They are always looking to expand their product line, so if you have an idea for sports-team-related clothing or accessories, contact them by email at 

FILA has teams around the world who work hard to innovate new ideas in activewear. Their easy online submission process helps streamline your work in pitching new inventions and products.

Under Armour is a huge, worldwide corporation which produces and sells sports and fitness gear for men, women, and children. They know that great invention ideas come from all kinds of places, so they created Idea House to help inventors launch their product ideas.

Oak Patch Gifts focuses their products on women’s fashion accessories, but within that niche, there is a wide range of products they are looking for. From jewellry to purses and bags, you can pitch them your innovative ideas on their websites.

US Sheepskin Inc is looking for products in a variety of industries, including leather goods and apparel.

If you need help with patents, 3D design, or other product development services, Cad Crowd can put you in touch with freelancers who can help. Get a quote on 3D design for jewellry today! Leave a comment below if you know of other clothing companies in search of great product ideas. And don’t forget to sign up for access to a wide community of fellow inventors who can help with other questions you have.

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