Companies Buying Camping/Outdoor Product Invention Ideas

For inventors just starting out, one of the most challenging hurdles can be learning how to sell your first patent idea. The internet is full of companies who are looking to buy amazing inventions in the camping and outdoor niche. These include sportswear, recreation, and outdoor cooking as well. If none of these companies sound right for your product idea, try checking out our list of companies buying bath and home ideas, as the products between these companies can be very similar.

Coghlan’s has an invention submission process for any patented ideas within their product niche. They make and sell all kinds of camping products, from carabiners and candles to first aid kits, grills, and sleeping bags.

Under Armour is a leading brand in sports clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. UA was built on a platform of open innovation, and their “Idea House” was built to help new inventors bring their sports/fitness ideas to market.

QVC is one of the biggest home shopping companies in the world, and they sell everything from camping equipment, to outdoor patio furniture, to fitness products. Their website provides inventors with all the information they need to get started selling their product with QVC.

Sterilite is a company that strives to make life easier and more organized, and are interested in buying ideas for products that fit in with their current line. Products they sell include pet bowls, garbage cans, heavy duty storage bins, and more.

Bravo Sports owns several brands of recreational and sporting equipment, which includes everything from skateboards to beach chairs. They also own licenses with several big names like Disney and Nickelodeon.

O2Cool is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes fans, water bottles, other pool accessories, and pet accessories. If your product is an awesome new way to keep cool, O2Cool might be the perfect place to sell your idea.

GCI Outdoors specializes in outdoor seating–folding chairs, spectator seats, and beach chairs, to name a few of their products. 

Most of the companies above require you to have a patent on your idea before submission. Even when it is not required, a patent is a good idea to help protect your invention while you are searching for a buyer. To learn more about how to apply for a patent, visit Cad Crowd. If you know of any other companies who are buying camping or outdoor product ideas, leave a comment below or sign up and post your own list for the community!

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  1. Bridget cline

    Several ideas /inventions , 1 ) for the truck industry, 2) boating industry.

  2. Lou garcia

    MacKenzie Brown,

    I believe I have your idea invention here
    Fits on to your van truck car hitch they come in gas or charcoal barbeque, with table and umbrella we make them for under $ 180.00 we are looking for a major distributor or exclusive.

    I have videos.

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