Automotive Inventions Wanted: These Companies Are Looking for Your Automotive Invention Ideas

From Ford to Rubbermaid, you might be surprised by the major household names that are out there waiting to accept your automotive invention idea. Some are highly specialized automotive companies, like Ford and General Motors. Others are more general, looking for inventions related to anything and everything from computer software and pet supplies. The hard part is knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to companies that are currently seeking automotive invention ideas. Review the summaries below and you’ll be in good shape to choose the right company for your invention.

Kraco Enterprises, Inc. is a  leader in automotive accessories, and they are interested in concepts and prototypes for creative products that could become part of their line of floor mats, seat covers, cushions and more.

Lisle Corporation manufactures automotive tools, lubrication and tire products. They have a long history of seeking and acquiring new innovations in the automotive industry, and offer an “Idea Program” for inventors to submit invention ideas.

Hopkins Manufacturing produces all manner of automotive afterproducts, but according to they are currently looking for: ice/snow accessories, washbrushes, funnels and spouts.

Ford has an easy submission process for invention ideas, and the submission page gives helpful information about what they are (and are not) looking for.

Schroeder & Tremayne has more than 100 years of experience in developing, licensing, and distributing innovative products in automotive markets.

Talus sells car organizers and trip accessories, and they are accepting new automotive accessory invention ideas and proposals.

Protocol New York manufactures household products, gifts, tools, and “gear for people who really appreciate smart design.” The company prides itself on embracing innovation and new ideas.

QVC is probably the most well-known name for inventors looking to sell ideas quickly. This home-shopping giant sells products from just about any category, and their online submission process makes it easy to get started.

Before contacting the company above, make sure you are as ready as possible. If you need help building a prototype or 3D CAD design, you can get a quote from Cad Crowd for mechanical engineering services. And don’t forget to sign up and post your questions here on Invention Ideas, where you can utilize the knowledge of a vast community of inventors and innovators. Preparing ahead of time will increase your chances of getting noticed by one of the listed automotive companies looking for invention ideas.

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  1. K.Sundaramurhy

    I have two good ideas in automotive field and I want to submit to you for evaluation and sale.Please inform to my email to whom I should submit the details.
    Thank you
    K. Sundaramurthy24/8/16

    1. Silvi

      I have an idea for all the cars. It can be added easily with no big cost at the time of a car creation. It will be so helpful for all the drivers. Send me an email if you are interested. Thank you

      1. Timothy

        I have a million dollar idea for new model cars…I did my research on Google and YouTube and was told 2 tell no one ….I’m looking to partner or sale the idea….plz send contact info

      2. Shirlan Moore

        I’ve got an innovative idea that will change for better the way we look at vehicle security protection. Contact me today.

        1. George

          I have a lot of innovations and ideas for motor industry cars, etc. that do not exist. Contact me for more information.

          1. Jaime Weinrich

            I have an automotive accessory idea and also an automotive startup concept

        2. TY WHALN

          I too obtain an idea of how to enhance vehicle security and vehicle protection. It was formed by me (Ty Whalin) on 12/19/2021.

      3. Nithin

        Hello, My self Nithin, I’m an Automotive Product Developer.
        Would you Entertain outside Patented Ideas?
        Can I send Sell Sheet & Video Clip?
        If yes, please let me know the right person to contact.
        As a world becoming an increasingly visual clutter. Brands need clear attention and recognizable visual appearance to get their message across
        This is where we come in…
        The concept works on awaking a visual response from vehicle-based on their engine Rpm
        That roaring engine comes alive through LEDs.


  2. Sundaramurthy Krishnamurthy

    I have two good invention ideas in the automotive field and I want to submit them to you for evaluation and to sell them.Kindly inform through my e mail to whom I should submit the ideas. After seeing your reply I shall submit them. Please also inform whether I have yo pay an fees also.
    Thank you
    K. Sundaramurthy

  3. K.Sundaramurthy

    I have two ideas in automotive field. 1)One unit to maintain oxygen at breathable levels inside an airconditioned car to avoid dizziness to driver and passengers during long non stop trips. 2) one unit for Dipping automobile head light from bright and dazling high beam light to low beam light during running and automatically reverts to bright light after the vehicle coming from opposite direction pass away. If you are interested in the above you can contact me at the given e mail . thanks. K.Sundaramuthy.

  4. Jeff Cutting

    I have a good automotive idea. Please contact me at my email. Thanks, Jeff.

  5. jackes

    Hi, I have an idea for all bakkies and trucks in the brakes system on how to improve the product’s lifetime. I have tested it and it works. I have done this for farmers and it sells now I need to take it to the next level.

  6. Alfred j Ortiz

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Al Ortiz and I’ve had a patent pending product last year I’ve had my product with you at car shows I have work with several invention companies within the last 7 years I have spent roughly $18,000 on my product don’t have the funds to continue looking for a manufacturers who might be interested in evaluating my idea.

    I own my prototype I feel is it is an innovative way to customize your tail lights with NFL logo smoked tail light covers which are made from smoke polycarbonate.

    I also have other documents that show various other ways about going about this so looking for someone to respond back thank you.
    Sincerely, Alfred Ortiz

    1. Nagendra Patil

      I have an idea for all the cars. It can be added easily with no big cost at the time of a car creation. It will be so helpful and can save many lives,
      Thank you

  7. Clinton Gay

    I have an idea for cleaning bugs off the windshield or just cleaning the windshield.

  8. William Chichester

    I have an idea for perpetual motion vehicle called ESP enhance supplemental power. I’m a process engineer at TTM . Need help to get this idea to market.

  9. Levi McCray

    Hello, I’m currently holding a “patent” on an Automotive invention/product. My second invention is “patent pending”, that currently has a “package/commercial. That is also in the automotive division. Seeking interested buyer after signing a confidentiality agreement for both of them, thank you!

  10. Mazen Nasser

    Hi I have and idea for accessories.

  11. William O Whynot

    I have a revolutionary new product prototype that will “wow” all those who see it in action. This product solves a huge problem, is easy to manufacture and is appealing to look at when installing in a vehicle and makes driving safer for all.

    Please contact me by email, for further information regarding this patent pending, automobile aftermarket product. Thank you.

  12. Karen Luallen

    I have an idea for the automobile accessories for cold weather areas. Who would I speak to about this?

  13. Louie Perez

    I have invented an anti-theft device for automobiles and semi trucks that can slow down thieves from taking your cars or tractor trailer.

  14. Tanmay Sharma

    I have ideas which can help you to lead the automotive industry. You can earns millions from them i am seeking someone for which i can be useful for their development

  15. Dave Gray

    If you are looking for a multi-million dollar idea for the car industry feel free to contact me.

  16. Jacob Villarreal

    I came up with this new idea recently after having been fed up with the litter accumulating in our car. I realized we needed a compact solution to keep the litter compactly stored for disposal, rather than keeping it stuck in the door handle, and other compartments in the center console which are normally used for keeping loose change, sunglasses, etc… So I put this idea together to see if I could get any interest from any potential investors. I also have the drawings for it which help give you a better perspective of the product. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    The present product idea relates generally to a compact disposal accessory implemented for minor to moderate disposal of litter. In specific, it is an accessory disposal unit that is installed compactly in an automobile for use as a convenient re-usable container for storage of passenger’s litter. It installs along-side the center console, or door panel of a vehicle according to model specifications. It is constructed with a variety of materials per manufacturer’s choice, including vinyl polymer, leather, plastic, and spandex. It can be fashionably designed according to model of vehicle. In general, it is designed as a compactly flattened disposal accessory which contains a predetermined quantity of super-imposed supply bags which install in the interior of the disposal accessory for efficient disposal of used bags, without re-installation of supply bags, until the supply runs out. The compact disposal accessory installs along-side the center console by means of complementary sticky gel pads which are sold along with the product. The sticky gel pads are placed on the rear corner edges of the disposal accessory, in preparation for placement on the center console. The disposal accessory is then pressed along-side the center console for compact space-saving long-term use in any automobile.

  17. Pallvi Sood

    I have an idea in the automotive field and I want to submit it for evaluation & sell it.

    This idea is regarding the safety of the passengers and other vehicles on the road. Please let me know where i should submit my idea for review .


  18. Danny Baxter

    Fob lock for vans I invented some time ago. I have recently got made and been fit to vans. There on my Facebook page Db Masterlocksmith ltd. I’m looking to see if ford or other manufacturers of vans would be interested in buying them.

  19. Tang Mathew

    As a writer and an automotive designer, I have 4 unique automotive technological inventions and more than 20 unique internal and external designs
    +2349036848053 you can contact me for reference and business

  20. Karl Jerome Wood

    I have 2 ideas as i work in a mercedes benz work shop.

  21. Wisal khan

    Hey my name is wisal mohammad khan from pakistan .I have really unique and absolutely new ideas for cars .It’s some thing never seen or done before .and will attract buyers 100/ plz contact me for details and selling my ideas do contact me thankx

  22. Lindy Thom

    I have an incredibly efficient idea to add to a SUV that would be a selling feature for the vehicle. In my opinion it would be beneficial to a lot of the general population. Please email me to hear more about it. Thank you Lindy

  23. souane

    Dear madam, dear sir,
    Being an independent inventor, I designed a system for automatic regulation of the air pressure contained in an inner tube and a tubeless tire, during the race of the vehicle.
    This system is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to assemble to most vehicles currently in circulation.
    I am ready to hand over the written and drawn descriptions to any interested person who would like a cooperation or an acquisition for a reasonable sum.
    Please accept, Madam, Sir, my most cordial greetings.
    NB: this information has been sent to many manufacturers. A small number (2 or 3) of the first contacted asked me to wait until they answered. To those, I had provided more details about the invention. Since they did not answer, I guess they are trying to realize my idea. For this reason, a possible transaction will be made immediately with the first interested parties whose offer would not fear overbidding.


  24. Louis Fioretti

    my invention is a , wind shied wiper ice and snow protector.

  25. Faqir Ahmad Shaikhani

    I have innovative idea and will share it with any company if they are ready to buy it. waiting for feed back.


  26. Partha Sarathi Biswas

    I have an idea how to reduce emissions throwing by vehicles and increase power to engine using less fuel,which will be beneficial for future transportation manufacturer, kindly reply me on my email I will provide drawings how it will work , thanks

  27. Maurice Bourgeois

    I have an idea to keep car back camera clean

  28. Muhammad Nadeem

    Hi, I have a great idea for automobile industry? Would you like to guide me how to contact them. Thanx

  29. Candice christian

    I have a idea that need to be put in all new cars , and old cars please contact me.

  30. Amir gamal

    I’ve got the idea of ​​working an electric car that does not need permanent charging

  31. Darrel smith

    Truck driver for 35 years .. have had an idea for last 10 years which would transform a lot of the automotive industry as we know it ..

  32. Shalini

    I have an idea how to reduce emissions throwing by vehicles and increase power to engine using less fuel, please give an e mail address to provide more details.

  33. Jesus Garcia

    Hi, I have an idea that will change the way we use air fresheners in our cars. Please contact me.

  34. David Boswell

    I am introducing a product design in theory to help prevent HEATSTOKE DEATHS among adults, children, and pets who are inadvertently left in OVERHEATED VEHICLES. InventHelp has prepared me a 70 page basic information package that fully describes the function, design, benefits, and marketing strategies of the product design. The aim is present the information to a potential manufacturer to obtain a license agreement. I am reaching out to any organization who could assist me in developing the potential product.

    Sincerely yours,

    David Lee Boswell

  35. Harsh Vardhan

    Sir, I know in this developing era people are coming with many great ideas which would make life easier but I have and idea too related to automobile industry. I don’t know how much great is my idea but I want to share it with you. As I want to do great in my life your one reply can change my life. I would request u to go further and contact me if u believe in me .

  36. Bradley S Blackwell

    I have a multi billion dollar YES multi BILLION dollar idea for all automobiles. Saves lives. On and off the road. In many instances will be the difference maker between life and death. Is realistic and sensible. Patent pending in process. Will be made into a law and required by all departments of transportation globally once they are aware of its function and results. Need contacts. First to mass produce controls market. For sale or licensing.

    Please contact me.
    Bradley Blackwell

  37. Staurt McColl

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have what I feel is a ground breaking idea for the automotive industry.
    I have gone to a innovation company who simply sent me through the form for them to conduct a Worldwide Patent search.
    This has a large cost to it and simply says that they may be required to undertake further searches as the idea develops.

    I saw this site and am interested to see what advice you can give me please




    I’m a recently graduated Aeronautical engineer and pursuing masters in CFD, since I had a great craze on cars I’ve designed a perfect car design which is completely innovative and it is suited for Indian’s at present trend any company which is interested in listening and seeing my idea can contact me through my email id or my contact number 9742377760.

  39. Kermit Williams

    I have a idea that can be interesting for investors a toy idea that can advertise companies better and gain a profit and it’s for babies can rock babies to sleep can even play bolly ball with it if interested mail back.

  40. samharriex

    I have an idea on how to build a outstanding future cars

  41. Micheal Ejimofor

    After evaluation of most car accidents and death of the passengers, I came up with this idea which I believe if implemented would go a long way in securing people’s lives and making rescue operations easy in case of accidents.

  42. Richard Betancourt

    I have an idea that could save lives, just a comment never again will someone die from drowning when they’re vehicle goes in the water from falling in.

  43. V


    I have a idea for all the automobiles that be about a correct manageable smooth control of driving the automobile

    Reply soon


  44. Akanksha Jain

    I have an idea that could be very helpful in case of accidents.

  45. Milovan Ljubisavljevic

    My name is Milovan Ljubisavljevic, I live and work in Kragujevac-Serbia. I spend my free time innovating in the current field reducing the exhaust emissions of internal combustion engines. I did a bi-fuel system using natural gas (CNG-Methane + gasoline) and I use methane gas to transform gasoline from liquid to gaseous state (petrol vapor). The newly produced gas between these two already known fuels is produced under not big pressure (on line production).In this way, the combustion of methane and gasoline vapors is almost total (between 85% and 90%), while in classic engines this is 35% at best. The said project produces remarkable results in terms of reducing consumption and emission reductions. I have already tried the system on one vehicle Fiat punto 1.2 8V Natural Power from 2005 and confirmed above mentioned.
    I have a drawing that would clarify the idea.
    Please contact me if you are interested in my idea/project.

    Thanks and best regards.
    Excuse me in my poor English

  46. Erin Gomez

    I’m reaching out from Baby Buddy
    Looking to see if you take outside submissions for product ideas?
    we have a child safety device to prevent kids from being left in a car as well as pets, this device would make it impossible to forget your loved ones.

    Thank You,
    Erin Gomez

  47. Brandon

    I have an idea for a car that runs off water and recharges itself using the same water its pushing

  48. Jake

    Car safety features how a driver knows when to overtake on a road with a lot of curves, to know exactly if there is a car on the other lane, to know the number of cars in front..behind and their speed.

  49. Akwasi

    I have an idea that will transform the way we drive and eliminate road rage

  50. Vivian

    I have an invention for cars, boats, and aircraft. This invention ideas are very useful for everyone to make life easier to manage and not thing to worry about. Contact me for more I formation.


  51. Catherine Mooney

    Hello there, I have an idea to enhance all new automobiles. This brand new safety element could save thousands of lives and save millions on car insurance and car damage repairs. Once an automobile company takes on the patent for this new feature, they could own it and sell it to other major car companies. Please can you let me know an email address so I can discuss this further with companies that may be interested. Kind regards, Catherine

  52. Murat Yavuz

    We invented ‘MECHANICAL ENERGY BOOSTING SYSTEM’ (both torque and power).
    INPUT = 1 unit OUTPUT = more than 1 unit.
    Consisting entirely of mechanical gears and parts (NO MAGNETS ETC).
    We are looking for an investor.
    If you are interested please mail us your questions.
    Thank you.

    As a new invention in energy multiplication, it is not a finished final product, but a power increasing (power & torque) gearbox system; in short, it is a design for a “mechanical energy boosting system”.

    The system consisting of mechanical parts and gears works cyclically and increases energy depending on the rotation (rpm) speed (efficiency rate increases as the rotation speed increases).
    The interrelations of custom-designed gear and mechanical parts, combining with a three-stage structure and based on the axis angle in spite of different degrees of the locations, are based on the operation principle that the transmission ratio is inversely proportional to rotation and speed.

    The factors that increase the efficiency of gear groups are based on the location of gears and mechanical parts with defined degrees, by transferring the speed and torque coming from the linear and graduated axes between them to increase the power.
    The transmitted power and speed are concentrated on the body. The basic principle of the system is to carry the kilogram m/s on the input gear to the body without loss. (Input Kg provides maximum Kg increase with minimum rotation.)

  53. Peter Nabokow

    I have a new idea for half ton trucks that I fell is great

  54. Shiffy Katz

    I am doing a Capstone project and I am looking to invent something for car mats so they stay clean and in place. If you have any ideas please let me know thank you.

  55. Tony middleton

    My husband Tony has an idea that he would like to run by somebody for a patent having to do with Automotive he has no idea where to start but this man has a really good idea and I wish somebody would give him the chance please if you feel like you know somebody or somebody who is going to give him a chance please contact tomorrow at 307 763 8902

  56. Darlene bell

    Hi I have 3 maybe 4 automotive ideas I would like to share. My phone number is +17082287377

  57. Jerry

    I have an idea that will change the auto industry.
    Please contact me via email.

  58. Graciela Gatcia

    I have a safety idea, that I haven’t seen in any motor vehicles, I feel the need for this 100%.

  59. Suzana Car

    I have a new way to secure and turn your vehicle on. Making it impossible for any car theft or breaking into your vehicle impossible. Having a new security attachment combo. Reach out…. It blew my mind!!

  60. Ashley Rivero

    I came up with an invention that will increase the safety of all vehicles. This invention will be worth millions, and the cost to manufacture it in every car is inexpensive. The enormous amount of lives as well accidents this will save/prevent.
    The idea came to me after I was in a terrifying situation with my, at the time 4year old, son.
    A few other times, this would have been highly beneficial to me and my friends and family. I want to sell my invention to all the vehicle manufacturers, but I am unsure of exactly who to contact. It is time we get anything and everything helpful, going to save as many innocent lives on the road as we can!
    Please email me if interested.

  61. Sunrise

    This is a gift idea to the World and the Automobile/Trucking industry and to anyone who wishes to benefit with grace and respect for the concept…. it is a frequency grill attachment to the front of vehicles with different size holes for air to travel through and emit a frequency that warns a range of wildlife that a vehicle is approaching and not to cross the road…. please know that i am not able to provide any technical information. New automobile designs are too quiet, and humans have issues hearing them approaching also.

  62. Chris Fritts

    Electric cars and suv’s is not the way to go.
    Think what those used batteries are doing to our
    earth. No good what so ever and explain to people
    when they need to replace all those batteries the
    price. It is more than the car or SUV is worth.
    It is time for a change and it will clear our air
    and we on this planet have many of. Hydrogen is the
    way to go, let’s stop all governments getting rich
    in oil and all their cronies sucking us out of us
    hard working money.
    Let’s change the world with cars and SUV’s and change
    us to HYDROGEN to fuel up!

  63. Sharon L. Camp

    I have a patented invention for pick-up truck beds. No more diving with this springboard!

  64. peter bouthillier

    Steering wheel lock: New Invention.
    This invention is an innovated, new twist on how to lock the steering wheel of your car, truck, Van, 18 Wheelers, and boats. This is attached to the bolts in your vehicle floor, and there is no key required to unlock it. As we know, there are thousands of vehicle thief’s, in Canada, every year. And even more, in the United States.
    I have photos, if they are required.
    Thank you for your time,
    Peter Bouthillier,

  65. Sandra Hammond

    I have proof in the mail and a Notary. Shukla 1230 S Gaffey #4 San Pedro, CA 9731. Magnifying glass on rear of automobiles, vehicles. Round rubber elevated on tires. I invented a pair of shoes round rubber elevated and they never wore oout

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