Automotive Inventions Wanted: These Companies Are Looking for Your Automotive Invention Ideas

From Ford to Rubbermaid, you might be surprised by the major household names that are out there waiting to accept your automotive invention idea. Some are highly specialized automotive companies, like Ford and General Motors. Others are more general, looking for inventions related to anything and everything from computer software and pet supplies. The hard part is knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to companies that are currently seeking automotive invention ideas. Review the summaries below and you’ll be in good shape to choose the right company for your invention.

Kraco Enterprises, Inc. is a  leader in automotive accessories, and they are interested in concepts and prototypes for creative products that could become part of their line of floor mats, seat covers, cushions and more.

Lisle Corporation manufactures automotive tools, lubrication and tire products. They have a long history of seeking and acquiring new innovations in the automotive industry, and offer an “Idea Program” for inventors to submit invention ideas.

Hopkins Manufacturing produces all manner of automotive afterproducts, but according to they are currently looking for: ice/snow accessories, washbrushes, funnels and spouts.

Ford has an easy submission process for invention ideas, and the submission page gives helpful information about what they are (and are not) looking for.

Schroeder & Tremayne has more than 100 years of experience in developing, licensing, and distributing innovative products in automotive markets.

Talus sells car organizers and trip accessories, and they are accepting new automotive accessory invention ideas and proposals.

Protocol New York manufactures household products, gifts, tools, and “gear for people who really appreciate smart design.” The company prides itself on embracing innovation and new ideas.

QVC is probably the most well-known name for inventors looking to sell ideas quickly. This home-shopping giant sells products from just about any category, and their online submission process makes it easy to get started.

Before contacting a company above, make sure you are as ready as possible. If you need help building a prototype or 3D CAD design, you can get a quote from Cad Crowd for mechanical engineering services. And don’t forget to sign up and post your questions here on Invention Ideas, where you can utilize the knowledge of a vast community of inventors and innovators. Preparing ahead of time will increase your chances of getting noticed by one of the listed automotive companies looking for invention ideas.

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  1. K.Sundaramurhy

    I have two good ideas in automotive field and I want to submit to you for evaluation and sale.Please inform to my email to whom I should submit the details.
    Thank you
    K. Sundaramurthy24/8/16

  2. Sundaramurthy Krishnamurthy

    I have two good invention ideas in the automotive field and I want to submit them to you for evaluation and to sell them.Kindly inform through my e mail to whom I should submit the ideas. After seeing your reply I shall submit them. Please also inform whether I have yo pay an fees also.
    Thank you
    K. Sundaramurthy

  3. K.Sundaramurthy

    I have two ideas in automotive field. 1)One unit to maintain oxygen at breathable levels inside an airconditioned car to avoid dizziness to driver and passengers during long non stop trips. 2) one unit for Dipping automobile head light from bright and dazling high beam light to low beam light during running and automatically reverts to bright light after the vehicle coming from opposite direction pass away. If you are interested in the above you can contact me at the given e mail . thanks. K.Sundaramuthy.

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