How to Sell Your Idea for Beauty Products and Inventions

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder’s eye is constantly changing. New trends in beauty and fashion mean that innovators like you will always be able to come up with creative new beauty products. The companies listed below are good places to start if you have a beauty invention or product idea that you’d like to sell. Some are looking to buy patents outright, while others offer marketing or manufacturing services that can help an inventor get their beauty product line off the ground and into stores.

Audrey Morris provides manufacturing services for entrepreneurial inventors who want to DIY their own cosmetics line.

HSN (Home Shopping Network) offers inventors the opportunity to sell their products online and on TV. Categories that HSN favors include beauty products, jewelry, and home goods.

Newell Rubbermaid’s host of major brands include Goody, which creates hair accessories.

Philip’s beauty products include skincare, haircare, and hair removal products. The company is big on innovation, and has several ways for inventors to share their product ideas.

P&G have dozens, maybe even hundreds, of beauty products from all ranges of the spectrum. Their brands include Olay, Clairol, Pantene, and Herbal Essences.

Unilever’s home and personal care brands are used by 2 billion people daily. They include Axe, Dove, and Sun. The company strongly supports innovations by working with inventors and accepting submissions for new product ideas they can buy.

Depending on what kind of path you want to follow, and which company you are interested in, you may need to get a patent or prototype developed before contacting a business. in that case, don’t forget about the fantastic options available for rapid prototyping services available through CadCrowd. CadCrowd’s freelancers can also help with things like patent application and packaging design! And of course, use the community here at Invention Ideas if you have any questions or need advice on the process of selling your beauty product invention to a large company.

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  1. Judi

    Does P&G still own those brands ? 😉

  2. Libby Lowman

    I have an invention idea my product is a small handheld machine with variable speeds a flat bottom with a round top comfortable grip also waterproof and rechargeable battery operated with a storage bag. It could have 3 replaceable heads a sander head for sanding the feet with replaceable sanding pads. Also, scrubbing head with soft brushes for the face, back, and feet and also a head with a soft pad to massage the body like the back, shoulders, legs feet. With the replaceable pads this product could be used for personal and at the professional level (Salons) It would meet the Health Department Codes by using replaceable pads. I use a industrial tool to sand my feet. I have read reviews that women and men also use a industrial tool too and pay for services weekly or monthly to have this done. I feel this would be a safer product and would sell well in the beauty and nail industries with a unique design, style, and color. I believe I can achieve my goal in life to helping others and make like easier. I want to take my idea to get it created and patented and bring it to the marketing level. I believe my invention will be successful and could be priced affordable for all. I feel this product would sell well at these stores: Wal-Mart Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sally’s

  3. Alfred R Gay

    Hello, I have a face product that provides anti-aging amenities. It contains all-natural ingredients and I am willing to seel the idea and the product.

  4. Carol hostetler

    I have a great ideal for older people and all ages

  5. banhxa

    I have a secret for hair growth and need the company to make this product
    if who interested in this, please contact me on

  6. Dana Johnson

    Hello, I have a salon dryer chair that I have invented. It has already been pattened. How would I go about pitching the idea to sale to a company? I have no idea where to start

  7. Christine

    I have a cosmetic packaging idea that is quirky and not in the market. If you want to bring it to life. Please, hit me up! Thanks.

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