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    Jane Little

    How Does China Manufacture Products At A Very Low Price?


    MacKenzie Brown

    Here is a fact, China create products at a low price.

    The main question is “How are they doing it.”

    Let’s make it simpler, as you have said that China creates everything.

    China creates everything —— that is our answer .
    Because of the availability of almost every raw material, B2B service, design and R&D in their country, China is capable of highly low cost.

    With their fantastic future proof planning and the policies that they created made it possible to bring interdependent industries much closer and because of their infrastructure it was made easy for industries to carry out their operations at a low cost.

    They spent a lot in the development of skill of their human resources and they also adopted better machines that comes with best industrial processes optimized for the reduction of cost.

    Even though they aimed to be the factory of the world, they made policies strictly to bring their dependency on other nations down to a minimal. This took out any chance of market competition for their home grown companies that is under their turf and it gave them an opportunity to do experiments and innovate without them fearing a loss of share from their market.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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