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    Kelsey McTavish

    Why Do Poorly Designed Products Exist?


    Morgan Pearly

    There are 2 answers for this question and you already supplied 1 of them.

    The designed products are not fully used by many designers. This is sometimes due to laziness on the part of the designer.

    A designer that is alone who sets up a project in a project management application might be able to insert tasks, but actually they are not “using” the product and they are not experiencing the use cases that they designed the product for. Unless it has projects and team members that is real and interacts with it.

    For products that rely on the data of the customer, you won’t be able to recognize what is hard or not clear unless you will be looking at your, relevant, personal data.  Sample data is a poor substitute but it is better than nothing!
    #2 is that, it is too late that the designers are brought in, in many organizations.

    In spite of being included in discussions earlier where business goals and constraints can be identified, designers are usually thrown a written spec and they are told to “make it pretty”.

    This is basically not possible: all of the design that is visual in the world can’t save features and workflows that havn’t been spec’d in the first place.



    My company specializes in 3D scanning and 3D printing technology and we help manufacturers design and do quality control inspection.  One big problem is not that the designs are bad it’s the actual manufacturing process and then the part goes out with little to no quality control.  There are many issues with manufacturing based on tooling and also not accounting for shrinkage or material control.  We can actually take the CAD design and scan then scan the manufacture part.


    David F

    The real answer to your question is, “Money.”

    Companies that are in business for the long run design, make and sell quality products. Lesser companies won’t spend the money to design a product correctly OR they don’t care about quality and utilize less expensive materials and parts.

    Every company in the world is trying to maximize profit. One of the ways to do that is to reduce expenses (i.e., cut costs). Cutting production costs by reducing product quality is a sure sign that company is on the downward slide to going out of business.

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