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    Subhadeep Sarkhel

    Departmental and big retail stores around the world are facing a huge problem with shoplifters where CCTV is also inadequate to keep a close vigil. Hence it is my idea to create a Hand Glove Barcode Reader/ Scanner with Realtime Bill Generator. The prototype will look alike a normal handglove embedded with a Bar Code Scanner and a Microprocessor. The BC scanner will scan the whole packaged item in X,Y & Z Axis and reads the exact features of the product like Item Description, Mfg date, Expiry date, Net Wt and Price as a normal BC Scanner does but the interesting part is like after covering a certain distance within time clarified like distance between the rake where items stacked and a person holding a cart have a distance of 1 Mtr normally. So the microprocessor calculates the time spent and the distance between the cart and the rake resulting automated generation of the bill in the billing counter. Further addition of items and deletions can be done only upon the consent of the person standing in the billing counter. After Paying up the bill the glove will save all the data and feed to the server where the inventory control is subjected and after proceeding, the data stored is to be erased for further uses. Kindly let me know if anyone has any interest in this project and give his/ her brilliant idea to make it happen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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