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    Callum Doty

    My team has created a new shopping cart that benefits both the shopper and the process of shopping. Our shopping cart is lightweight and currently made of PVC pipe, chicken wire, six wheels, and a table hinge. The goal of our design is to decrease the amount of time it takes people to go shopping in which our prototype acts as a modified shopping basket. When the consumer is done shopping, they travel with their basket and open their trunk. Then they are able to unlock the table hinge installed underneath the handle to push the cart, folding the legs of the cart underneath the cart, into the trunk without unloading anything. Then, the shopper can travel into their kitchen or pantry to unload the rest of the cart without any extra trips. Any opinions or criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    This design requires:

    1. An SUV or hatchback car

    2. That each individual shopping cart is owned by a consumer



    fee king

    You have a good idea but you have to make it work with regular sedan cars to,  pretty much all cars, which i can imagine but than again all consumers will have to always park their car with the truck facing out and clear to connect the shopping cart. I am thinking maybe a some type of cart exterior holder connection that stay in the car which connects to the shopping cart and kind of hold it in place.

    I have few ideas my self toward this maybe we can panther and work together

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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