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    The majority of the earth knows what a classical, compound, or cross- bow is. And anyone with a hint of time to surf the internet might know who Marvel’s Hawkeye is. But, in case you know neither, a bow is a strip of flexible material with a string (can be either elastic or rigid), or a rigid material with a mechanism allowing for some form of potential energy applied to a string to launch a projectile (usually an arrow or bolt), and Hawkeye is a superhero who wields one.

    In the first Avengers movie, Loki uses a mind-control staff (we should make one of them, too) to convert Hawkeye to his side. Hawkeye’s first objective was a scientist, so he whipped out a compact contraption, which, at the flick of his wrist, turned into a compound bow. It would rather useful for archery enthusiasts such as myself to have a bow that could go in a backpack, and with similar convenience.

    Let me know your ideas, because, really, we put a man on the moon and still haven’t advanced the size and convenience of a bow? Maybe because NASA doesn’t make bows? Hush, conscience.

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