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MacKenzie Brown

You can have it manufactured in a lot of different ways. The challenge is to figure out how you actually want to do it.

1. Do you want to do it yourself? If you have money to invest, it’s the easiest way to ensure the quality of the process of manufacturing your inventions.

2. But before going for reproducing your invention, you’ll have to have it licensed first. You’ll need a great deal of protection before you start down this path. Look for companies companies in the category of your product who are actively looking for new ideas. It can be manufacturers and distributors to retailers (depending on your market).

3. If you want to be a serial inventor, choose only one category. Highly successful serial inventors are faithful to one product category.

As a whole, getting manufactured is still very risky. You’ll have to find the right company to do it for your invention, otherwise, it will be a total failure.