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Jane Little

That’s a good question. In our technology era today, remaining anonymous is very difficult. Going under an alias when launching your business is impossible. Let’s assume that you will look and accept that you will need social networks, here are two tips:

1.  Create social media accounts that is private.  Set your settings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to private.

People are going to be looking for you and you want to control that web traffic.  Do not put in your social media account where and what you are doing.  But, Do set up your profiles so you will be able to add people to your network so they can connect with you and would stop searching for more information about you.

2.  Create public business pages that are highly.  Make the social media accounts in business the focus, and you should make sure your own brand exists but only minimal.

To reach any form of big success without having an online presence that is significant for your own brand, you are gonna need to rely on personal relationships. If you can do that, then this should help you keep your life as anonymous as much as possible.

I hope this is what your understanding of ‘somewhat anonymous,’ and good luck to you my friend!