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Theo James

Below are my list of must-have tools for any online startup.

1. Gmail  – mostly used with investors, prospects, journalists, talent, cold emailing prospects and etc. for outside comms.

2. Google Apps – collaboration of files, writing, modeling of spreadsheet.

3. Pivotal Tracker – Product management.

4. Pie – Better communication for work – team chat, sharing of files, real-time comms, link-sharing, image-sharing.

5. Intercom – serves multiple purposes that comes with great solutions. It can be used as a CRM and it can also be a shared customer support platform. It’s also great for emails that is automated that gets send after a user do a certain action on your platform/site/product.

6. Dropbox – Storage and sharing of files. It is the same as Google Drive.

7. Mixpanel – User tracking that is based on action. Mostly used for tracking onboarding completion funnel. It is also great for checking cohorts just to see the impacts on your user engagement of each iteration.

I hope this helps!