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MacKenzie Brown

If your company is a consumer internet property, a product designer is needed immediately. Consumers are a fickle bunch and many web properties have raised the standards of a good website. A good product design is one of the most important tool in pleasing the masses for your business.

The product designer must be present from the beginning because they play vital roles in shaping the company’s culture, especially a company that values design. Also, product designers are needed in the process of defining the product story.

Customers are bombarded with choices for products. Those that will stand out from the rest are the ones that are rooted in design.

A good and strong designer is important to a startup. Sometimes, we overlook the importance and impact of product designs

When users compliment you for having a great product or website, they mean what you are selling looks nice and makes them feel good. They are NOT looking in to these:

1. It scales well
2. You are using Map Reduce for sophisticated analytics
3. A sophisticated algorithm in place to prevent fraud

Product Design is the 20% of all of your efforts but it can bring you the the 80-90% of the final result.